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A father-son team creating mindful living spaces in Arizona.

2nd May 2019

An established construction company creating mindful living spaces in Arizona.

The R3 Building Services project captures the essence of infusing meaning and passion into your work, no matter what industry you thrive in.

The Objective.

The talent and quality craftsmanship between the father and son team of R3 Building Services is undeniable. They have a solid reputation that needed a professional design system to support this, allowing them to expand their services and secure larger, bespoke construction projects.

The Approach.

Create a high-end, luxury identity that aligns with the bespoke remodelling projects R3 complete for their clients. Each design needed to be functional, and this was implemented across multiple mediums including consultation documents and on-site signage.

Brand Guidelines.

We prepared a brand document to identify the brand story, vision, mission and values. It includes logo, colour and print guides to ensure each touchpoint is coherent with the R3 brand.

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