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A thoughtful visual identity inspired by Jacquie, showing heart and integrity.

24th October 2018

An inspired, delicate identity for Jacqueline, The Nutritional Therapist.

Jacqueline’s approach to life is unapologetic, yet gracefully head-on. The bold, neutral identity we created is a nod to her kind nature and expert opinion.

The Objective.

Create a visual identity and consistent design system that reflect both Jacqueline’s personality, and the environment and space she creates for her clients. The visuals needed to be warm, inviting and honest.

The Approach.

I aimed to capture her attention to detail, her elegance and also, her flow and energy. The neutral yet bold palette represents the contrast between gentle and dependable, relatable and genuine. A true mirror of Jacqueline’s qualities.

‘Our relationship with health and nutrition is an ever-evolving one.’

– Jacqueline, The Nutritional Therapist

‘We mustn’t believe we will arrive at the destination of health. We must learn to always listen to our bodies as our needs change.’

– Jacqueline, The Nutritional Therapist

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